Easy-to-Use Solar Design Software

SOL CAD PV™ is intended for AutoCAD users and works for residential, and commercial pitched roofs only with the following capabilities:

  1. Adds solar panels within roofs or boundaries (any type of polygon) and detects roof obstructions and setbacks.
  2. Inserts all clamps and railing for flush-mounted and tilt-up racking.
  3. Draws structural rafters.
  4. Includes roof attachments or footings. 

Test Before You Buy

Want to test out our AutoCAD plugin before you make a purchase? We offer a 30-day free trial to any designer looking to use our PV design tool. Simply check out, it will work for 15 days, then follow the instructions to get a license key for 15 more days. 

It is free to try for 30 days total. It will charge you after trial period expires and it will be $300 recurring every year. If you think this tool is not for you, then you have to cancel this subscription before day 30. Just let me know you are not interested and I can cancel it or you can cancel yourself, just click on ACTIONS button and select Cancel.

Our cancellation policy is as follow:

Cancellation within 30 days trial period: Subscription will be cancelled. At this point credit card has not been charged so there is no need to refund.
Cancellation after 30 days trial period with NO product key/license provided: 100% refund.
Cancellation after 30 days trial period with product key/license provided: No refunds but subscription will not renew after one year. User will have access to plugin for the remaining of the subscribed year.
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