Solar Feasibility Study

A solar feasibility study determines whether your property is both technically and financially appropriate for the installation of a solar energy system. It is the first step in the process of transitioning to solar energy and involves the inspection of several important aspects of your potential site.

Our standard solar feasibility study examines the following site-specific factors:

  • The amount of potential solar energy generation
  • Whether there are any risks to mitigate
  • Any available regional or state financial incentives
  • Cost assessment for the technical design, installation, and operation of the solar energy system
  • Creation of simulations and models of the project
  • Calculations of the long term yield, return on investment and projected payback including uncertainty assessments
  • Overall technical and financial feasibility report
At Avila Solar, our team of professionals will perform a thorough inspection and analysis of your property and provide you with a thorough report based on our findings.
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