Residential Generator Plan Set

This package provides a plan set for the installation of a generator for a residence, with an automatic or manual transfer switch. The plan set will meet all state, local, and utility requirements.

Plan Set includes: 
  • Site plan: Shows generator and transfer switch location, and other systems present in the property.
  • Plumbing: New fuel system pipe detail with a schematic diagram or stand-alone fuel tank.  
  • Electrical: One line diagram for genset and transfer switch, code labels.
  • Structural: Concrete Pad(s) design.
  • Load calculations: You can choose to include NEC 220.82 optional feeder and service load calculations for residential or NEC 220.87 for commercial. 
  • Electrical Certification: our electrical PE engineer can provide a review and PE stamp for an additional fee. This is to determine ATS and generator loading verification for whole backup functionality. Depending on the AHJ your Master Electrician can sign off on the calculations so you can just pay for the design and calculations.
  • Structural Certification: If you need the generator pad certified by a Structural this can be added with an additional fee.
To use for reference. For example, "Last Name Genset."
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